Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hey kids!

Sorry about the lack of posts here recently. I got lots to talk about so this is going to be one long rambling mess. Enjoy!

What exactly does George Bush have to do to get kicked out of office? Why aren’t the American people out in the streets protesting and demanding impeachment? Under the guidance of this smirking idiot monkey boy the following atrocities have occurred: a war under false pretenses, a city left to drown, a CIA agents name was leaked and we have violated our precious Constitution with illegal wire taps. Did I miss anything?

On the subject of the wiretaps please don’t give me that worthless “we’re at war” nonsense. All this administration has ever succeeded at doing is scaring the living Hell out of the American people. I’m sick of it. All Bush does every time he gets into trouble is mention September 11th. Mention how he’s protecting us from getting hit again. But what use is it if he’s violating our Constitution and killing off poor people with his crusade and indifference?

Have you noticed how defensive Bush has gotten about this whole illegal wiretap thing being leaked? Yet when Valerie Plame’s name was leaked he was cool, calm and collected. I wonder why that is? Could he have been happy when one happened and not too overjoyed at the other? It kind of seems like it, doesn’t it?

Of course it’s all over the media today that about a year ago Bush said you have to get warrants to wiretap someone’s phone. Isn’t it great when the media does their job?

Also have you noticed we’re fighting in Southwest Asia all of the sudden? When I first head Southwest Asia mentioned I got a little nervous. I thought we were bombing someone else. Then my sense of geography kicked in and realized those Godless weasels just changed the terms to throw everyone off of the scent. Remember GSAVE (Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism)? It’s what they tried to rename the “War on Terror” as. It only lasted about a day or two. But they’re always worried about semantics. Which shows how much they think of the American people. They seem to think that we’re dumb enough to be fooled by a new name for something the people have become fed up with. Let’s rename impeachment. Maybe we can fool Bush and Cheney.

In Pennsylvania it was decided that teaching intelligent design in science class was unconstitutional. HOORAY! Now I’m not naïve enough to believe that this will end the debate. But in this day and age it’s always nice to see reason and logic score a win.

Just let me get this in quickly. If I hear one more empty headed anchor say, “the theory of intelligent design” I swear to God I will slap them. Intelligent design is not a theory. Theories can be tested for validity. Intelligent design cannot be tested. It is philosophy not science.


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