Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Recently I posted about my discontent with rampant consumerism of Christmas. Well as luck would have your friend and mine, Mariah Mercer, wrote a similar themed article for a local newspaper. You can read it here. She’s a far better writer then I will ever be. So try not to get all spoiled reading her literary goodness. She was also kind enough to send me an E-mail with a link to a Website that extols the virtues of a “Buy Nothing Christmas”.

I admit I like the concept. But upon further reflection I feel the need to change one little thing. They should call it an “Ask for Nothing Christmas.” You see giving is a divine thing. Generosity is among the most wonderful attributes a person can possess. To give your time, resources and love is a beautiful thing. A forty year old with a Christmas list as long as their arm is just pathetic.

So maybe we should stop asking for presents and worrying about what we get but rather worry more about what we give.


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