Friday, November 04, 2005

YAY! I got nothing but random observations so brace yourself Bridget!

I was watching MSNBC today when a story caught my attention. The local NBC affiliate in Cleveland was swamped with calls when during a Cleveland Cavaliers game; the team’s dancing girls or whatever they’re called performed a number in lingerie. See apparently this is not family friendly. The dancing girls in spandex bikers shorts and sports bras is fine for little Junior. Lingerie is not. Need I even state my displeasure with these people that called in these complaints? Some people need a clue. Please give generously.

The comedian Chris Rock has a routine about O.J. Simpson where the punch line is “I don’t condone it, but I understand”. You know with road rage, I don’t condone, but I do understand. I can be the most laid back cat on planet Earth anywhere but behind the wheel of a car. I have no idea why I turn into Genghis Eric looking to slay the many slow driving, cell phone chatting, all over the road, pass me by driving on the edge of the road masses. But, it does happen, a lot. I have yet to actually take a life. But if all my little flare-ups did result in the need for body bags I could have eliminated a city the size of Toledo by now. I’m not proud of this it’s just the way my faulty wiring works. So if you see me on the road pull over and hide, it’s only for your safety.

Seventy-five years ago Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto. About fifty years later Pluto’s moon Charon was discovered. Now astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope may have discovered two more moons around Pluto. Our Solar System keeps getting more and more fascinating. There a three newly discovered large bodies outside of Pluto’s orbit that may change the way we define planets. But can the media be bothered to talk it for more than a sound bite? No, they cannot apparently. Yet a teenage girl turns up missing in Aruba and they won’t shut up. Please explain this to me. I’m a simple man and maybe I’m missing something, but I fear not.

That’s all folks! See you soon.


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