Friday, October 21, 2005

I see how you people are. I post helpful hints for the happiest day of the year and I get nothing. I mock our President and our country's foreign policy and you people won’t shut up. It’s like you people read and have priorities or something.

Relax, I kid. I appreciate any response I get even if it disagrees with me.

Again today I shall now inflict upon your fragile psyche some random musings.

Anger is maybe our trickiest of emotions. Some people would like you to believe that being angry is bad, that you should learn to reign in your anger. Anger is destructive they say. I tend to disagree somewhat. It’s not anger itself that is destructive but rather what you do with it. Anger is like a gun, guns don’t kill people idiots with guns kill people. Anger doesn’t kill people idiots that can’t control their anger kill people. Anger is sometimes, as the religious like to say, righteous.

Just so you know I’m not defining anger as getting a little impatient in the check out line or when someone cuts you off in traffic. That’s more of a reflexive action and generally doesn’t lead to the need for a large stash of body bags. The anger I’m talking about is the struck speechless or blood boiling type.

Anger at the abusive, bullying and downright evil elements of our society is ok. As long as that anger turns into something productive, like say an effort to help battered women or get laws passed to help people who need help. Then your anger was productive and it’s all good.

If you walk around picking fights and angry at the world, then you need a nice long vacation in a padded room. You have issues that need corrected. Please seek out immediate medical assistance or call Tom Cruise and he’ll make you too crazy to ever be angry again. Just look at Katie Holmes. (I know that was a cheap shot, but it was funny.)

On a completely unrelated note, have you ever know someone who used the dreaded F-word “fuck” as about every other word in his or her vocabulary? You know the type that uses it as an adjective, noun, verb and exclamation. Now I must admit it does find use from time to time in my own vocabulary. But, I try and save it for special occasions. To do otherwise would mark me as a moron and there are those among us who feel I have more than enough marking me as that.

Sleep tight.


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