Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I know I have been writing about political and social issues a lot. I will also readily admit to being rather opinionated. It’s in my genes I swear. But alas gentle reader every so often I must turn off, tune out and fade away from the politics thing. It’ll burn you out in a hurry. I know there are several pressing issues with the new Supreme Court nominee; all the indictments and Ohio have a major election with five big state issues and my city voting on a charter form of government. Just so you know I’m voting against all five issues and for the charter government.

But I’m trying to cleanse my system a bit. I need top clear my head a bit. You see politics is ultimately frustrating because people won’t listen to reason a lot of the time. People take far too much in politics on faith or they are such hopeless partisans that they just sit around spewing the party line. It’s frustrating. No matter how much evidence you have that contradicts a person’s viewpoint they won’t budge an intellectual inch. Why? Is winning that much more important than the truth?

You see my learning is grounded in skepticism and science and philosophy. I’m not good at the truth bending that is politics and public relations. All that spinning just makes me dizzy.

Now I’m positive something will happen in the realm of politics that will sufficiently irritate me as to inspire my cranky keyboard. But I’d like to write away from politics for a little bit. I have other passions I actually hold more dearly than politics. I should probably explore those.

See you in the funny papers.


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