Friday, February 15, 2008

I‘m sitting at work today and I overhear a conversation. This one guy starts to ask this guy about how if man and apes are related how come apes don’t have to shave, which is pretty damn funny. Then again I’m easily amused.

But anyway the other guy as soon as he hears something about apes and people being related started making snotty comments about evolution. The witty gent avoids confrontation because he’s smart like that. I avoid it in the interest of keeping my job and also keeping my blood below a low rolling boil.

But the sad fact is the anti-evolution guy doesn’t really understand his own beliefs. Let us examine shall we.

The whole argument the guy used was basically that there was no way that by sheer happenstance that simple single cell organisms could have formed into people. If I would have been feeling frisky I could have kneecapped the poor little feller. It would go something like this.

OK so you find in totally impossible that over the course of billions of years that human could have evolved from a far less complex life form but you’re willing to buy into that there is a never-ending being who is omnipotent and omniscient and that being has no beginning or end at all. You’re willing to blow off years of research and evidence but you’re willing to put your unwavering faith in something you have only one book to substantiate this being’s existence? That seems highly illogical to me.

Of course I have zero idea what reaction I would have gotten and I’m not curious to find out. I have seen enough rage in the name of religion for a million million lifetimes.

I know why lots of religious people reject science. It’s because faith is such a fragile thing and if you are not strong in your convictions it is easily fractured. I find it odd that some of the most faithful people on the planet have also been refreshingly pro-science. The last two Popes have said that evolution is fact. The Dalai Lama has written on the convergence of science and religion. Yet these people whose faith is so utterly concerned about their own salvation and nothing else always have such fragile beliefs. Any evidence that forces them to think or consider that God really does work in mysterious ways just throws them for a loop. They haven’t any real strength of conviction so they can’t afford any.

I’m not saying I am the possessor of all answers. I am however just brave and just curious enough to ask questions of everything I think and believe. Sometimes I even change my mind. It happens and it’s a good thing. If we are not receptive to new ideas and information we might as well be dead. To never challenge your own beliefs and ideas is dangerous because start to think that you have the only correct ideas and beliefs and that never works out well.