Monday, July 02, 2007

President Bush,

I know in the past I have called for your resignation. I meant those times in the past and I mean it now. For the sake of the nation and maybe even the world you must resign.

Today the sentence of Lewis “Scooter” Libby was commuted. He will spend not even a millisecond in jail for obstructing justice. Even though he was convicted in a court of law. Libby is now essentially a free man. The fine and community service will hardly impede him in getting some comfy cozy lobbyist job or sitting on the board of some ivory tower think tank. Libby for all intents and purposes has gotten off Scot-free.

Need I remind you of your job President Bush? The job of the executive branch is to enforce the law. How is commuting the sentence of convicted man who has neither set foot in jail or exhausted his appeals enforcing the law? How are you fulfilling your duties as President of the United States of America by commuting the sentence of man the nation as a whole wanted to see go to jail? The nation did not favor a pardon or commutation. Only the most hardcore of the Republican base favored a pardon or commutation. The rest of the nation wanted to see justice served.

You spoke today of Libby’s sentence being harsh.

Need I remind you the God only knows how many men and even boys you have detained at the prison at Guantanamo Bay without the benefit of even a trial?

Need I remind you of how the Military Commissions Act suspended habeas corpus for so-called enemy combatants?

Need I remind you of America’s use of water boarding and sleep deprivation and sensory deprivation with the detainees at Guantanamo Bay?

Need I remind you of how the Constitution was violated to wiretap American’s phone calls without warrant and go through their bank records?

What is more severe President Bush, two and a half years for being a convicted criminal or ignoring international law and denying people their God given human rights and their Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms?

This whole incident reeks of putrid politics. Instead of letting justice take its course you instead protected your lackeys and coddled your dwindling political base. There was no intention on your part to ever uphold the law was there President Bush? You instead played politics to protect your crony and ultimately yourself.

You also played the coward today. You released a press release on the Monday of an unusually long 4th of July weekend. Congress is not in session. So you tried to slip this one under the radar, so to speak. You didn’t even have the courage to speak the words aloud. You just released a written statement. At least when Ford pardoned Nixon he said it in front of a camera.

President Bush your presidency has been a miserable failure both domestically and internationally. You have read children’s books while America was under attack and eaten cake and played guitar while thousands were abandon in hurricane ravage New Orleans. You started a war in Iraq that we should have never fought to begin with. All the while you allowed veteran’s to lose their benefits. You have dragged your feet in stopping pollution to protect the profits of your corporate allies. You have borrowed more money from foreign sources than the previous 42 presidents combined. Now you have let a convicted criminal walk away a free man for your own political well-being.

President Bush please resign and resign now. The damage you have done to this county’s reputation and psyche and future is immense. We can ill afford another year and a half of you as our president. Please resign and let America start trying to repair the damage you have done now.


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