Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Senator Lieberman,

Recently you said that it might be necessary to use air strikes against Iran whom you say is arming Iraqi insurgents. While I can understand but not condone the use of this tough talk rhetoric. I don’t think now is the best time for the United States to rattle its sabers.

I know there is a very real possibility that Iran is in fact arming Iraqi insurgent groups. Of course the United States has recently suggested that it should arm Sunni insurgent groups to aid in the fight against Al Qaeda. So I’m not totally positive that we have much of a moral high ground to take here. Certainly Iran is far from helping calm the violence in Iraq but given our own stance of arming insurgent groups I’m not sure we’re doing enough to calm violence either.

Also do you really think that bombing Iran will solve anything? If there is one clear fact about the Middle East it is that they do not cower in the face of violence, even violence from a far more technologically advanced enemy. So I fail to see how bombing Iran would do anything but fan the flames of violence and hatred that already burn far too brightly in the Middle East.

If we were to bomb Iran and if the Iranian military was to retaliate is our military have the capacity to fight back? Our military by most estimates is already stretched dangerously thin, if were to engage Iran would we have the manpower necessary to fight them?

I know I do not reside in your state but I feel it important to voice my opinion. As a member of the US Senate you have tremendous power and it must be use wisely and in the best interest of the American people. What you are doing know seems to ring more of empty tough talk rather then deliberate reason.

Please reconsider your words Senator Lieberman. I know you’re steadfast in your support of the war in Iraq. But escalating the conflict to include Iran isn’t the way to make the situation in Iraq any better and will do nothing but increase the body count and further damage the United States’ already considerable damaged international reputation.


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