Sunday, August 09, 2009

I’ve learned a lot in the last several months carpooling with a guy who really likes his conservative talk radio and working for two years at a place that is by and large conservative. Now I understand the need for conservatives in the political debate. Those who want fiscal responsibility and limited government serve as our political doting mothers. They do not want to see us rush foolishly here and there and everywhere and not scrape up our knees. They want success for us but want us to be careful about it. Much like Chris Rock has said “I don’t condone it but I understand.”

In the past conservatism has brought us fine thinkers and even a few good presidents like Eisenhower and Teddy Roosevelt. Modern conservatism is sadly such an unholy mess of ideas that I can’t see anyone worth a damn coming out of it until conservatives and the Republican Party change. The GOP is horrible mix of plutocratic policies, religious fanaticism and thinly veiled bigotry against women, minorities, homosexuals and the poor that I have no idea if this party can even make it another decade. Sure it worked temporarily. The religious right voted en masse for the GOP and white suburban folks ate it up. Eventually however their fortress made of sand got washed into the sea. The policies of Reagan of don’t tax the rich, spend endlessly on bullets and bombs and not bread or books and let the market do as it damn well pleases have bit us in the dead square in the ass. Reagan was little more than a really good used car salesman. He sold America a Buick with a broken transmission and we loved, for a while anyway.

Most people are wising up to this ideology and are turning away. But some do however cling to it ferociously. Why the ferocity? Because conservatives are playing the only card that has worked for them recently, fear.

Vote for a Democrat and there will be another 9/11!

They will take your guns!

National Health Care will kill old people and ration health care!

Death Panels!

Gay marriage will ruin marriage and turn everyone gay!

Is this blatant fear mongering? You bethca!

Dwight David Eisenhower once said that he would rather convince a man than intimidate him because once the fear was gone the man was lost but if you convinced him he would stick with you forever. Sadly this sort of thinking is lost on the modern conservative movement and the GOP. All the noise and fear and piss and vinegar in the world will not convince the people.


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I have to disagree with you characterization of Conservatives. Truly conservative voters are turning away from the Republican party. The GOP has disappointed us for years - since they squandered their majority and failed to reduce the size and scope of the Federal government when they had a chance. We are not all religious, let alone fanatics. We are not as a group bigoted against women and minorities -hell, I am a woman! I've lived long enough to see the unfortunate changes brought about by 'feel good' politics intended to help the downtrodden. I'm old enough to understand human nature and know WHY 'welfare' as we practice it doesn't help those it is intended to help. ALL of the issue you are currently seeing on protest signs, at 'tea parties' - its about reducing the power of the Federal government over our lives. The Founding Fathers understood - a huge bureaucracy in DC cannot possibly know what we need at the local level. Charity begins at home - I don't want the Federal Govt. spending MY money to help others. Leave us some money and time for our own local charities. The Federal Government's job is simply to protect us from enemies - inside and out - of this country, and regulate interstate commerce. This has gotten WAY out of hand! Scared of the current administration? Not really! Mad as hell? You betcha! Silent not more.

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