Saturday, August 04, 2007

Barrack Obama is doing something quite odd for a politician, at least in my own personal experience. The more he talks the more I like him. Usually when a big presidential race is picking up steam my faith in the candidates dwindles away into utter despair. But Obama is shocking me right and left. Of course he’s taking heat for it from the Washington establishment. But it’s a well-known fact that they suck. So no worries there.

First he says that in the first year of his presidency he wouldn’t rule out talking to leaders like Hugo Chavez. Hillary Clinton says she wouldn’t talk to leaders like Chavez in her first year. I tend to favor Obama. Our leaders are always feeding us this line about never taking options of the table militarily. So why take diplomatic options off of the table? Is our foreign policy now written on the bottom of bombs we drop on our enemies? If all options are to remain open they must include diplomacy even with those with which we may disagree. For Obama to have the courage, the honesty and the intelligence to say this is rather encouraging. Of course courage, honesty and intelligence are not encouraged in DC much anymore.

Then Obama says he wouldn’t use nuclear weapons against terrorists in the Middle East. Hooray for our team! Of course our team is minute compared to the fear-mongering jackals that just have to keep their precious nuclear option on the table. It’s sort of like the snotty little kid in elementary school who always used the threat of having his older larger brother beat the tar out of you. Only the big brother wasn’t as unthinkable as nuclear weapons. I question anyone who thinks using nuclear weapons is a good idea. Even in Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan and we knew where we were, even if he had a nuclear weapon. Would us using a nuclear weapon truly be worth it? Would all the innocents dead and poisoned and sickened be worth it? Wouldn’t be advisable and saner to use all other possible options before opening the gates to Hell ourselves? One small nuclear weapon could potentially kill millions of people. Is that ever worth it? So again Obama has shown the courage and honesty and intelligence that is so rare in our leaders anymore.

While I’m on the topic of politics let me mention that the Senate decided that the President having the power to spy without the way of any real oversight is all right. So let’s see habeas corpus is deader than Elvis in this country. The 4th Amendment is barely worth the paper it’s printed on. We have secret prisons on foreign soil. Our military budget is sacred. Our schools and infrastructure and health care system is paid no mind what so ever. So when did we turn into in the old Soviet Union? Was I out of town? Did I not get that memo?

OK, I’m joking about us turning into the old Soviet Union. But I have to crack jokes because to think about what the President is doing to my country and what the Congress is allowing him to do is far too sickening and infuriating.

I now dedicate this song to Congress and the President. I think it fits.

“Go straight to hell,
All you government personnel,
Sittin' awf'ly well
In your big, white house up on the hill.

You say now, give me a home
Where the buffalo roam,
Where the deer and antelope play.
You can bet your ass we'll blow them all away.

Fuck it up until it's bent,
Then a-wonder where it went.
Thinkin' you was a-heaven sent, ha ha ha,
You're nothin' but hell!

Go straight to hell.”

“Government Personnel”



Anonymous Mariah said...

Amen! Great blog! I'm happy the love of Obama is spreading :)

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