Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dear Congressional Democrats,

Recently you were locked in quite the heated struggle over funding for the war in Iraq. You were making demands of the President. Of course then the bill you sent to the President was vetoed and Congress didn’t override it. So now you’re making all manner of concessions to the President. The benchmarks are optional and more or less the President is getting what he wanted all along.

So if I may be so bold let me ask you a small question. What the fuck?

In November of 2006 when the Democrats took control of both houses of Congress it was said that your victory was referendum on the war. You held parties and thumped your chests and promised change. Well let’s see some. Oh you took a hard line stand for all of a few weeks and now you went and crawled back into your hole. Nice job. The Hollywood chapter of the Republican Party has shown its lack of spine one more time. Don’t give me this wishy-washy wait for September nonsense when there will be a report on whether or not the surge is working. The hundreds of American troops and thousands of Iraqis who will die between then and now can’t wait for September. The thousands of mentally and physically injured American soldiers can’t wait for a politically convenient time either.

I know your job is brutal. I mean you work about half of the year isn’t it? You get all sorts of retirement and health benefits that aren’t offered to the common laborer. You get invited to parties and wined and dined all the time. It’s got to be just brutal. But I’d like to think maybe you could try a bit harder. Maybe you could take a bit harder stance. Maybe outwit a guy who can’t ride a bicycle without falling off or pronounce nuclear. It can’t be that tough.

I know you’re afraid of being unpopular. But guess what nobody really likes politicians. I mean if you really talk to people there is an intrinsic distrust of you folks in Congress. Plus most of your districts are so gerrymandered that you’d have to get caught doing something pretty awful to not get reelected.

I know politics is all a power play and so forth. Normally that only mildly nauseates me. But when it comes to a war that we should have never fought. A war, that when we did fight it, had no plans for what to do with Iraq after we toppled their already crippled government. I tend to get pretty sick to my stomach over it. You acted a few months ago like you were going to end to this war and now you’ve caved in. You’ve backed off and emboldened a President is already far bolder than he is bright. You’re falling your country and the rest of the world who wants this war to end.

The American people want this war over and the Iraqi people want us out. It might help to remember that. If Congress doesn’t deliver and this war goes nowhere but downhill, 2008 could be a political revolution across the board.

“I've got no patience now
So sick of complacence now
Sick of sick of sick of sick of you”
“Know Your Enemy”
Rage Against The Machine