Monday, May 22, 2006

Sometimes when I’m doing things odd little thoughts pop into my head. I like this one a lot. So I shall share it with you constant reader.

There’s been a good deal of commotion lately over the fact that some time in the not too distant future there will be more people of Mexican descent in the United States than there are people of European descent. I say it is just karma. You see a good many of the European colonist and the United States government did an amazingly efficient job of eradicating the tribal people that were here before us. The tribes that predated Europeans by centuries were decimated with war and disease and broken treaties. What would come to be called Mexico was the same as in what would later be known as the United States. The Mayans and Aztecs were advanced cultures that were crushed under the cannons of the Conquistadores.

Now for the fun part, the descendants of the Mayans and the Aztecs are threatening to overrun the United States. You see the very same Mexicans we are hearing so much about in the news are Mayans and Aztecs by origin. So the tribes are trying to reclaim what was once theirs. Hooray for karma! I know the Mayans were more Central America and southern Mexico and the Aztecs were more central Mexico but the fact the descendants of those people who were so viciously ran off of their land are now taking it back is enough to make a guy happy. I care not if it was originally their land.

You see the United States will survive with or without white people. Our government is not color-dependant. My Mom told me the story of back in 1960 when she was a high school senior Father Hunter told them eventually America would turn brown. This was because of the fact there was more interracial dating and he thought that eventually our colors would be come more homogenized. So the good old US of A will still be there it’ll just be a little less white.

One a completely unrelated note it was revealed today that the personal information, which included names and birth dates and social security numbers, of 26.5 million veterans was stolen. How did it get stolen? Was it hackers? Was it some cloak and dagger operation? No. An employee took the data home, then his house got robbed and the thieves got the data.

You think maybe this information shouldn’t be allowed off of the premises? You think that given all the stink about identity theft that the government could do a wee bit better job protecting the personal information of these veterans. I hope that this was just a tremendous blunder. I’d like to think that the VA is just incompetent. I would hate to think that an employee would deliberately take this information. But, something doesn’t smell totally right here. I hope I’m wrong. As much as I detest war I respect the men and women who had to fight in them. If there is any group of citizens who have earned the full support and protection of the government it is our combat veterans.


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