Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I know I mention the news media an awful lot. But I got to talk about some things or my head is going to explode.

So I’m sitting there watching Tony Snow’s first day in from of the camera as Press Secretary. He never looks really comfortable. He has look of a little kid trying to keep all of his lies straight. Then he goes and drops a turd. He makes a remark about not wanting to “hug the tar baby”. Which according to ThinkProgress.org tar baby can mean “A situation almost impossible to get out of, a problem virtually unsolvable”. Tar baby is also a racial slur directed at black children. Gee, Tony Snow’s stint as Press Secretary might be totally fascinating for all the wrong reasons.

So then I watch some MSNBC and they’re discussing the immigration debate. So they have on two talking heads to discuss it, just like they do for every other issue. One thinks that the President’s plan is peachy. The other thinks that the President’s plan doesn’t go far enough. Gee that’s really showing all sides of the issue. I’m amazed they left out the guy who wants to nuke Mexico. Were all the liberals out of town? What about a nun who ministers to these people who doesn’t want to be branded a criminal accomplice? I wasn’t totally shocked though. MSNBC is also home to the “Hotshots” segment on Hardball. For those for you lucky enough to have never seen it I will explain. “Hotshots” is three conservatives sitting around discussing the issues. Nothing quite like seeing the big picture is there?

I settle in to watch The Colbert Report and have a few good chuckles. It is truly a great show and very worthy of your time. There was a segment on taken from John Gibson’s show on Fox News. In a nutshell John Gibson wants white folks to make more babies. Why? Because in 25 years Mexicans will have white people outnumbered in the USA. I’m largely indifferent. I don’t care if whites are no longer the majority or plurality. But, “Mr. War on Christmas” John Gibson does. I’m not sure why white people being a minority is such a bad thing. Could it be John Gibson is a racist skid mark in the underpants of humanity? Or maybe he’s just playing to Fox News’ base of ignorant twerps. Either way it’s wrong and John Gibson should be slapped.

I must almost mention this about the last two days. MSNBC has had two breaking news stories dominate its newscasts the last two days. Yesterday it was an indictment in the Duke rape case. Today it was new footage of September 11th. Neither one was really all that newsworthy. The Duke rape case is a regional story at best. The new footage was images that I had already seen. So let’s ignore the NSA violating our constitution or the war in Iraq for things that are not news. I’m not paranoid but I swear some days they don’t want us to know or to think about what’s going on.


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