Monday, January 09, 2006

I know I’m a few days late of some of this, but I’ve been busy so please indulge me.

I really hate Pat Robertson. I’ve figured out my reasons for this is two-fold.

For one he says stupid things. When he’s not calling for assassinations he’s telling rural Pennsylvania towns they’ve abandoned God. Now he’s quite certain that Ariel Sharon’s recent stroke is the wrath of God. See because Sharon is letting the Palestinians have some land on the Gaza Strip old Pat thinks he’s dividing up the Holy Land and that makes God angry. Much like Bruce Banner you wouldn’t like God when he’s angry. So if I understand correctly Sharon’s effort to appease the Palestinians and maybe start the slow road toward peace in the region just pisses God off.

Maybe Pat should go back and reread his Bible. There’s a part in the Book of Matthew (chapters 5-7) called the Sermon on the Mount. Maybe you’ve heard of it Pat. One of the key points of the sermon was that and I will quote “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” Well that’s funny. It seems like Jesus was calling for all His people to get along and love one another. It seems like Jesus wouldn’t tell a man who just suffered a horrible stroke that his efforts to be peaceful earned God’s wrath.

Let me get a shot in on this whole concept of the Holy Land. While I will not deny that there are great many locations of incredible historic importance to many religions in the Middle East, I have issues with it being held above the rest of the planet. The idea that God cares more for the “Holy Land” than the rest of this precious blue-green ball we call Earth is annoying to me. I have a heard time believing that God loves certain parts of His real estate more than others. I know Jesus was born in Bethlehem but I really think God loves the rest of the world just as much. So this insinuation that the rest of the world can rot away from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Famine, War, Pestilence and Death and God isn’t as worried as He is about a small stretch of land in the Middle East confuses me greatly.

Let me also bring up something else that caught my attention recently. Maybe you heard about the controversy surrounding the new NBC series, “The Book of Daniel”. First, let me save you some time, please don’t watch this show. I hate it on many levels. None of which have to do with the controversy. It’s a poorly written and acted pile of crap. Please spend your time more wisely. Anyway back to the controversy, you see some Christian groups were irate because Jesus is a regular character on the show. Now mind you none of these groups had seen the show as far as I know. But they were all up in arms because according to one lady the series would present a tolerant Jesus. Yes friends and neighbors we can’t have a tolerant Jesus. Now feel free to go back and read the Sermon on the Mount one more time. Were these not the words of a tolerant man? Did I miss in my twelve years in Catholic school the intolerant Jesus? Is this angry Jesus in one of the books of the Bible not in the Catholic version?

I suspect what people like this woman are doing is being cafeteria Christians. They read through the Bible and pick out the stuff that appeals to them and ignore the rest. They want to be all Depeche Mode and have their own personal Jesus. Can’t you just see them in line? “Oh please give me extra self-righteousness and heaping plateful of arrogant morality. No thanks to the humility and pity though. That stuff makes me queasy. “

I write this because it really bothers me. I’m a mediocre Catholic who has a Catholic education and drags my sorry sinner butt to Mass every Sunday and most Holy Days. I try and to live like Jesus tried to teach us all. I try and help the needy and be more compassionate and understanding and be more peaceful. So when I see people using Christianity to condemn people and to stand in judgment I get annoyed. If these cafeteria Christians put half the energy they put into judging people into helping the needy we’d be a lot closer to Heaven than we are right now.

” When you believe in things you don't understand, you'll suffer.
Superstition ain't the way”
Stevie Wonder


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