Monday, October 17, 2005

Again there’s too much going one for my scatterbrain to settle on one topic so away I go.

First go read this transcript.

Wow. First about this bold move we made. See a bold move is wearing white after Labor Day. Invading a country without a good reason is criminal. Notice the distinction. So apparently this wasn’t a necessary move anymore. It is now a bold move to insure that democracy spreads like little turd blossoms in the desert. (I am unable to resist a turd blossom joke.)

You see with the war getting less and less popular Washington is taking a clue from Madison Avenue and they’re repackaging the war. It’s now a bigger bolder war, with your protection in mind. It’s sickness really. Remember when they called the Korean War a police action? Or we fought Operation Desert Storm? Simply renaming it or adding adjectives doesn’t change the truth.

Also, what’s this “proximate cause” crap? Let me see Al Qaeda has members train to fly plains, they then hijack four jets and fly them into buildings. I think proximate is a bit of a weasely word choice. Al Qaeda planned and executed the attacks on September 11th, 2001. There’s no proximate about it. Al Qaeda is guilty and should be brought to justice. Calling Al Qaeda a proximate cause of he disasters on September 11th, 2001 is like saying the Manson Family is a proximate cause of Sharon Tate’s murder.

Do you get the feeling this administration is trying move the attention away from Al Qaeda? I mean it’s been four years and we still don’t have Bin Laden yet. No need to worry about them. They’re just a proximate threat.

Just a quick word about the North Toledo riots. If you’re not familiar with the story go here. Anyway the biggest tragedy is that neo-Nazis got exactly what they wanted. The National Socialist Movement or the “America’s Nazi Party” came from Virginia up to Toledo and held their little march. When the locals showed up, at least some of them gang members, and began rioting; the Nazis work there was done. The local black community looked bad and their little group got some free publicity. Mission accomplished.

To paraphrase John Belushi, “I hate Virginia Nazis”.

One more little thing, when you travel from Virginia to Ohio and can only muster about 15 people for your rally, your movement is officially sad.

One more thing, please go and read this. All I can say is “Amen Brother”. I hate it when someone says something I’ve been thinking and it does it very well.

Sleep tight.


Anonymous Dave said...

Is this the whining you promised? :)

Although I'm not clear as to what a turd blossom is, my guess is that it is something entirely bad. So I fail to see how it applies to democracy, literally or figuratively. Is it a bad thing to have democracy in the middle east? Is it a bad thing for the U.S. to help other nations to embrace democracy? Should we turn Saddam loose and forget the whole whole thing?

I say again that I have always supported action in Iraq as PART of the War on Terror. Saddam was a terrorist, his regime was largely no better.

Years and years of trying other ways to deal with him had failed miserably. Correct me if I'm wrong, but since the first Gulf War, we have been patrolling the "No Fly Zone" in Iraq under conditions set forth by the U.N., and our planes were STILL being shot at! He found plenty of ways to cheat the "Oil for Food" program...he intentionally starved his own people for his own personal gain. Is that evidence of success for dealing with Saddam? No.

Saddam is now under arrest, his regime is dismantled, his reign of terror is ended, the Iraqis can VOTE as part of a democratic process. Is that evidence of success for dealing with Saddam? Yes, that's some pretty positive stuff.

I'd say we have finally have successfully dealt with Saddam. And as part of the War of Terror, we continue to deal with terrorists "over there" where it primarily originates, before it can be a problem "here at home".

There were plenty of good reasons to go to Iraq. There are still good reasons to stay a while.

Saddam will indeed be tried soon( preliminary charges )...and thanks to our action in Iraq, he could finally face charges for "Invading a country without a good reason" as you would say. Of course, since he's such a great guy, Saddam would probably have turned himself in for that need for us to go in there and force it on him....right?

In the link I provided above concerning Saddam's Prelims, I find this charge to be of importance:

Killing political activists over 30 years

Evidence has emerged of 270 mass graves across Iraq which are believed to hold the remains of possibly tens of thousands of people.

The UN Commission on Human Rights condemned the Iraqi regime in 2001 for "widespread, systematic torture and the maintaining of decrees prescribing cruel and inhuman punishment as a penalty for offenses".

Thousands of Shia Muslims arrested on charges of supporting the 1979 Iranian Revolution have never been accounted for.

Wow. I'd say a healthy dose of democracy is in order, and thanks to the U.S. and some other brave nations, it will come to pass.

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