Monday, October 10, 2005

Burger King is attempting to kill us all. Not only does Burger King have some breakfast sandwich, which is meat on top of meat on top of meat. Let me tell you, that’s a lot of meat. They also now have, I’m not making this up, turbo-strength coffee.

First off, do we really need a sandwich with triple meat? Have we not learned as a culture that too much meat makes you a bit larger than you want to be? Sausage, bacon and ham at the same meal would be a wee bit over the top. Pick one and move on. You don’t need all three. Maybe you could skip the meat for breakfast altogether.

Am I the only one that thinks turbo-strength coffee is a sign on the apocalypse? How chemically dependant are we as a culture that normal strength coffee isn’t enough?

I admit I don’t drink coffee. It tastes like crap. But, there have been rare occasions when I needed a pick me up. So I’d go get a coffee somewhere and load it up with a lot of sugar and cream to hide the nasty taste. Let me tell you coffee is quite the energy boost. I see no real need to increase its kick. What does turbo-strength coffee do for you? Make you sit in the corner shaking and peeing your pants? Never sleep more then 15 minutes at a time?

Why would you need turbo coffee anyway? Are you working six jobs? Do you need to jog from Boston to Nome? Or is it that we’ve come dependant on little pick me ups to survive instead of getting enough rest and being more organized and judicious with our time?


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