Thursday, October 06, 2005

Goody for me! I live in the most corrupt state in the union!!!!!!! is reporting that Fritz Wenzel, who was working as the chief political columnist for the Toledo Blade and as a correspondent for WTVG at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in between working for the GOP and Republican candidates, was made aware of the scandal known as “Coingate” in early 2004. He however did not give the Toledo Blade the tip until after Bush had won the election. Had this scandal blown up before the elections there is quite reasonable doubt whether Bush could have ever won Ohio. Had Bush lost Ohio we would now be referring to John Kerry as President Kerry.

For those of you not familiar with “Coingate” it involves rare coin dealer and Republican fund-raiser Tom Noe. Tom Noe was given fifty million dollars by the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation to invest in rare coins. Since apparently out Beanie Babies and X-Men collections weren’t doing so hot. Of the original fifty million about twelve to thirteen million cannot be accounted for. Read the article; trust me it just got weirder and more complicated after that. God only knows where the money went.

In the midst of all this our Governor, Bob Taft, was found guilty of four misdemeanors for failing to report four golf outings valued at $5800 he received from lobbyists. This earned Taft the dubious distinction of being the first Ohio governor ever charged with a crime while in office. Under the Ohio Constitution he could be removed from office, but the General Assembly did not push for that. The conviction did however drop his approval ratings down to all of 15%. Just as a reference Nixon’s approval rating was 24% when he resigned.

Never mind that the 2004 elections in Ohio stunk to high heaven. Long waiting lines in poor black neighborhoods were the norm. Vote totals in several locations were impossible. All in all it was nasty ugly election that made Ohio look like a bunch of incompetents.

I understand if you don’t live in Ohio you’ve probably never heard of most of this. I mean there are missing teenagers to report on. Tom Cruise impregnated Katie Holmes! Britney Spears gave birth! Ashton and Demi got married! You can’t be bothered with news about the sad state of the political system in this country, now can you?


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