Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I haven’t inflicted a random thoughts column on you in a while. Since I’m stuck in my house because the blizzard outside I figured, why not? So here goes nothing.

The New Congress: OK, so this new Democratic majority was voted in for a new direction in Iraq, if I heard correctly. So what do they do? They propose non-binding resolutions. OK Democrats here’s a little piece of advice for you, the Constitution doesn’t stop this President. A non-binding resolution might as well be printed on toilet paper. Hell in the Senate there can’t even be a debate. The House had a debate that seemed to be a whole lot of talking loud and saying nothing. Somebody needs to grow a pair and do something. Even if it’s holding hearings that expose the incompetent nature of this war and destroy any credibility this President has so he has to play nice with the Congress. So if I may use a local phrase, either shit or get off of the pot. Do something. Or it will all just be like The Who once sang, “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.” This was has gone on for too long and too much has been wasted in terms of lives and dollars. We can ill afford to continue down the road we are on.

Barrack vs. Hillary for Hollywood’s support: I saw a piece on a newscast about who would Hollywood support, Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton. I can only reply with the words of the great Chuck D of Public Enemy fame, “Burn Hollywood Burn!” Hollywood is to the left what the fundamentalist Christians are to the right, a bunch of disconnected loud mouths who lean a little too far to the end of the political spectrum to really matter much to Main Street America. The only reason anyone gives a damn what they think is because they are famous. Their opinions are no more valid than any other you might in say the local barbershop. The Hollywood set just has the fame and fortune to afford a bigger megaphone. Sure they’re entitled to their opinions, I would never deny someone that, but they are no more or less important that John or Jane Q. Public’s opinions. They are simply able to afford the means to be heard better and have the social status to rub shoulders with the elite politicians.

Anna Nicole Smith dies: OK she’s dead I get it! I don’t care about who fathered her child or the struggle over who gets her earthly remains. Get this meaningless nonsense off of the news and cover something meaningful. The Scooter Libby trial is getting next to no play compared to this. That’s just sad.

Iran: With the recent allegations of Iran supplying weapons to Iraqi insurgents and the two carrier groups waiting off of Iran’s shore, I’m getting a little nervous. So I will just say this, doing anything militarily to Iran would be a catastrophic error. We haven’t the military resources to deal with fighting three countries at once. This paranoia about them having nuclear weapons is ludicrous. They might have one eventually and we have at least 10,000. I somehow don’t think Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is that crazy. We need to enter talk with them and deal with them diplomatically, end of argument. Just like we finally started to do with North Korea.


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