Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mr. President,

Tonight you gave a speech about your plan for Iraq. You want to send in more than 20,000 additional US troops. You want them to help the Iraqis stabilize their own country. You also threatened Syria and Iran for helping terrorists. You also spoke of sacrifice. Mr. President I have a question for you. Have you lost your mind?

First early in your speech you talked of all the consulting you did and how you apparently reached this conclusion. Even though almost no one supports the idea of more troops, not the American people, not military leaders, not the Baker Commission or even the troops on the ground in Iraq. Where did this idea come from? If it is so clearly opposed on so many levels by so many people with extensive knowledge why are you going forward with it? What will this accomplish when so many are saying a mere 20,000 is not enough? When General Shinseki suggested that over 300,000 troops were necessary to win in Iraq he was fired. 20,000 more troops just mean less responsibility for Iraqi security forces and more targets for insurgents.

Why are you saber rattling at Iran and Syria? We barely have the military forces to deal with Iraq. Why are carrier groups sitting in the Persian Gulf poised to disrupt Iran’s support of terrorist in Iraq? You already started one war you weren’t prepared for why start more? Do you want World War 3? The Baker Commission advised engaging them in dialogue not threatening them with cruise missiles and smart bombs. Do you even listen to what people advise you to do or do you just sit there with your mind made up pretending to listen? Or are you like some incompetent parent who thinks the only thing he needs to make his kids listen is a belt to beat them with?

You spoke of sacrifice. What precisely are you going to sacrifice? Will you enlist your daughters? Will you miss a day of vacation? Will you attend a funeral for a fallen soldier? What exactly is your sacrifice Mr. President? What exactly are you giving, other than income to the war profiteers and grief to the families of the fallen and injured?

One more thing Mr. President, you dared bring up 9/11 again. Even though 9/11 and Iraq are not connected. Do you still stand there with the bullhorn and the fireman leading this nation? Have you never moved on from that moment when America believed in you and looked to you to lead it? Times have changed sir. You need to as well. The fog of fear that was the aftermath of 9/11 has lifted and people are questioning you. You need to learn to give good answers.

You seem desperate Mr. President. You seem desperate to win this war. You seem like an addict begging for one more drink or one more hit. Just 20,000 more troops and this will all get better will it? Increasing the troop levels by this relatively small amount will solve nothing. We have lost Mr. President. Your unholy crusade has failed. We have done nothing but allow terrorism to reestablish itself in Afghanistan and allowed it a new breeding ground in Iraq. We have done little to make our own country truly safer. You need to admit failure in Iraq and move on or you need to resign and let someone else do it. This war has cost too much. We need to start moving on and healing from it.


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