Thursday, January 04, 2007

George W Bush signed H.R. 6407, The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, into law on December 20, 2006. He however did not merely sign the bill. He also issued a signing statement to it. The gist of it being that the president reserves the power to open mail without a warrant if he feels it necessary for “foreign intelligence collection” or to “protect human life”. Never mind that getting a warrant to search suspicious mail is easy or that there is legal precedent to open mail without a warrant when it thought to contain explosives or poisons.

In light of previous events, such as the suspension of habeas corpus or the wire-tapping without a warrant it is becoming increasingly obvious that this President has no concern for the law. Which if you paid attention in high school civics class is the president’s main function in our government. The president is to enforce the law. He is not to add statements to legislation to add powers to his office that are clearly unnecessary. He is not to violate the Constitution of the United States of America. He is not to operate separate from the other branches of government. He is to enforce the law. The laws established by our forefathers to protect the citizens from the government.

Ever since George W Bush started this war on terror. He has sought to expand the powers of the office of president. He has sought to dwindle away the freedoms that he claims the terrorists hate and is the reason they attacked us. He claims that he needs these powers to fight this war. In reality, with FISA courts getting warrants is easy as can be and there is no reason to operate without one. There is no reason to repeal the freedoms granted by the document he is sworn to uphold. He swore to uphold the Constitution on a Bible, a book he claims to hold dear, and does he want to disgrace his God as well as country?

Early on in his presidency George W Bush quipped “If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator.” A statement that previously could almost be disregarded as a glib is now almost prophetic. Maybe Bush is just lazy and he’s just out to make his job as easy as possible. Maybe he’s not smart enough to realize the damage he’s doing to the country he is sworn to protect. Maybe he’s more sinister than we are giving him credit for. Maybe he’s worse than Nixon. Maybe he seeks to shape the country in his own image without regard to the laws and life, liberty and happiness of the people.

I have a sneaking suspicion on what is wrong here. This president is known to ignore dissenting advice. He surrounds himself with people who prop up his opinions. He has no need for challenges or debate, just like a bad CEO of an oil company or lousy owner of a baseball team. George W Bush like some spoiled child in a heated tantrum is bound and determined to prove himself correct and be a winner. He cares not for what is right only what he sees as benefiting him. He is a small man in a big job. If he is unable to execute the office then he needs to resign and let someone who can do the job. I’m not sure how much longer the United States of America can afford to have him as president.


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