Wednesday, December 13, 2006

OK since the 2008 Presidential election now starts in nanosecond the 2006 mid-term elections wrap up, I thought I would throw my two cents out there.

Now granted Tom Vilsack and Dennis Kucinich have both announced they will run, but honestly they’re both long shots at best. Though I will enthusiastically support Kucinich until the bitter end. Kucinich is one of the few politicians that stand with me on the vast majority of the issues. So I’m a Kucinich man.

But let’s talk about the big name possible candidates. None of whom I’m horribly excited about.

Barrack Obama is the media’s darling. Sure he’s articulate handsome and charismatic. But I can’t get all that excited about him. In his two years in the Senate he hasn’t exactly taken the lead on much of anything. Of course if I listened to some in the media I would think Obama is the second coming of MLK and JFK all rolled into one. I think Obama is a good guy who maybe someday may make a good president I just don’t think it will be in 2008.

Some consider Hillary Clinton a lock, but I have my doubts. One strike against her is she will forever be in the shadow of her husband and Democrat poster boy, Bill Clinton. The second is she has always seemed to me to be more of a politician than someone who really took stances on issues. She always seems a bit too eager to play the middle. The third is the perception of Hillary as aloof. People do not warm up to Hillary the same way they did to Bill. Three strikes she’s out.

I used to like John McCain. Hell I supported him in 2000. That’s no lie. But John McCain has changed. He’s started moving towards the far right of the Republican Party. He’s started cozying up to the fear mongering religious right. I can’t say that I feel the same about McCain in 2006 as I did in 2000. Plus I’m not sure Republicans are all that in love with him.

Rudy Giuliani is a big time front-runner. I wouldn’t elect him dogcatcher. Sure he was popular after 9/11 and all. But remember before 9/11 he had lots of controversy surrounding him concerning his wife and lover and all that nonsense. Also there is no way in Hell will a pro-gay and pro-choice Republican makes it out of the primaries.

I have one more thing to bitch about before I put this puppy to bed. I have sneaking suspicion that religion will play a huge role in 2008. I have a hunch we will see lots of campaign ads with candidates touting their faith. If this occurs you may also get to witness me beating my TV to death. I would advise these candidates to be not like the hypocrites who pray in public but prove your faith by your deeds.

Anyway I’m not looking forward to the next two years. I’ll get to support Kucinich and that’s a good thing. But the people looking like they will make a serious run in 2008 are not doing much to get my hopes up.


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