Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mr. President,

In the past I have written you usually complaining about this catastrophe you mismanaged or that war you lied to get us into and then mismanaged that as well. Well I know that a constant complainer is annoying. They get tuned out so to speak. Seeing how I have no desire to get tuned out I have to you with a compromise. It’s a solution to both our problems. I hope you like it. OK, so enough of the dilly-dallying here is my solution for us both. Now I can’t take total credit for this. Howard Zinn wrote a fine article that has helped inspire this idea. Let me help in a nation wide effort to get you impeached. Don’t worry about your friend and Vice-President I will help get Dick Cheney impeached as well.

You see President Bush this would be the best of both worlds. The United States would free herself from a very unpopular and incompetent president. The USA could get to start anew with a new leader could lead us out of the quagmire you’ve taken us into. Also by impeaching you the power of the Congress and the people would be reaffirmed that would strengthen many an Americans faith in our precious and fragile democracy. HOORAY FOR OUR TEAM! By our team I mean the entire planet.

What’s in it for you? I’m glad you asked. You would get to blame someone else for your failure. After you get the boot you could always look back and think that if those nasty Senators and Congressmen had only allowed you to finish your term then you would have succeeded. Your mom and you can just sit around pissing and moaning about how the secular progressives did you in. You can sit around blaming Hollywood. You can blame Al Franken or Molly Ivins (God rest her soul). You can blame me for all I care. I have given you a scapegoat to blame for your failed presidency. I say seize the opportunity and get out of the White House.

You see President Bush your presidency is not going well. Your approval ratings are abysmal. Your plan to send more than 20,000 additional troops in Iraq has met with stern disapproval from both Congress and the people. You ignored the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast in your State of the Union address, which angered more than a few people. You keep saber rattling with Iran though we do not have the ground forces to fight Iran. So you see President Bush I’m just trying to ease your burden. Which I would assume you would like. Given that you have spent so much time in Crawford, TX, at Camp David and at your parents' compound in Kennebunkport, Maine I would assume you don’t enjoy being burdened.

But there’s something else I need to mention. Today it came to liAnd you do want what's best for America. Don't you?ght that hand-written notes from Dick Cheney imply that you knew about the whole Joseph and Valerie Wilson affair. You knew what was happening when Valerie Wilson was exposed as a CIA agent, even though she was a covert agent. You knew about the attempt to discredit Joseph Wilson. If you sir knew that an undercover CIA agent was being exposed to protect your own political motives. Then you have violated the very laws, which you are sworn to uphold and have no business as the President of the United States of America.

So please accept my little compromise. I really do think it works out best for all involved parties. And you do want what's best for America. Don't you?


Blogger Herve said...

impeached does not mean removed from office. ask any president who has been impeached.

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