Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Today the total number of US soldiers killed in combat in Iraq exceeded the total number that died in the terrorists attack on September 11th 2001. Is the mission accomplished? Is the insurgency in its last throes now? Is the army we have, not necessarily the army we might like mind you, on the verge of a sweeping victory? Will the twenty million dollars in the federal budget for a victory celebration finally get to be spent? Of course the answer to all these questions is a resounding no.

George Bush’s fiasco in Iraq has killed or wounded over 25,000 American soldiers. It has cost at least 350 billion dollars. It has killed somewhere and between 40,000 to 665,000 Iraqis. What do we have to show for it? Is Al Qaeda dead and gone? No. Is Osama Bin Laden in jail somewhere? No. Well we do have Saddam Hussein awaiting execution by hanging but since he had less than zero to do with 9/11 his removal from power and execution isn’t a big win in the war on terror. We have in Iraq that is in the middle of a brutal civil war. We have set our troops up to be target practice for every radical in the region.

This war is going nowhere but straight to Hell. We have to demand that it ends soon. There is no hope of victory or winning or saving face. We need to exit and let the Iraqis settle their own differences. Of course with Saddam to be hanged maybe within a month or so the violence is sure to escalate. There are still people in Iraq loyal to the despot and they will riot in response to his death. The execution was at one point scheduled in a soccer stadium. Officials were smart enough to realize that security would prove difficult. So they moved it to a prison on a US base. Which is sure to just fan the flames. Now there is a chance that it might be televised, like how we allowed his Saddam’s sons corpses to be paraded through the streets to prove they were dead. So maybe they’ll put it on TV over here and all the vultures can tune in and stare and laugh.

As we speak George W Bush is in Crawford TX considering his next move in Iraq. He has already mentioned increasing troop numbers. There is a carrier group in route to the Persian Gulf to try and intimidate Iran. Wait? Is that a typo? Iran? No friends we’re saber rattling at Iran to. Apparently messing up in Iraq and Afghanistan isn’t enough for this President. He wants to screw up in a third country. What George needs to do is walk in the bathroom, look into the mirror and call himself a moron. It’s over George. Pick your toys up and go home. Let’s bring our troops home and end this awful fiasco.


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