Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Recently I was sitting at Mass when the priest said something that would shock a lot of Christians. He said that not all the answers are in the Bible. That you cannot find the solution to every problem that life throws at you in the pages of the Good Book.

The Bible is wonderful thing. It is a tremendous guide in how to live a loving, humble and charitable life. It is not however a textbook. It says nothing of nuclear weapons. It says nothing of cloning. So what is a good Christian to do? A good Christian must you the gifts of reason and compassion that God was kind enough to give us. Just because you can’t fine a Bible verse that specifically backs your ideas or decisions doesn’t necessarily make them any less close to God’s ideal.

People have unfortunately used the Bible for less than noble purposes since Guttenberg started printing them. Hideous and despicable things like slavery and gay bashing have been justified by Bible quotes. The Devil has been citing Scripture to get away with his evil ways, to paraphrase Shakespeare. So it’s always best to question Bible-thumpers who use biblical references to justify immoral behavior. The Westboro Baptist Church comes screaming to mind, with their repulsive “God hates fags” campaign. If someone could be kind enough to show me where in the Bible anyone preached hatred, especially Jesus since this is in name at least a Christian church.

Speaking of things that are repulsive, Ann Coulter has a new book out. Godless: The Church of Liberalism is maybe the most ironically titled book ever. Ann Coulter herself could be no farther from God if she were to masturbate with a crucifix in St Peter’s Square during Easter Sunday. Just because you proclaim God is on your side does not make it so. Ann Coulter who has made a career of being spiteful, hateful, fallacious 98 lb bag of monkey crap is no closer to God then all the rest who lie cheat and steal in His name. We must always remember what Abraham Lincoln said, “I can't say whether God is on our side, but my great concern is to be on the side of God.”

I must also bring this up because it irritates me so. The Bible though wonderful in its own right is not a science text. God was kind enough to give us free will and reason to think and solve problems. Just because one of those solutions does not appear verbatim in the Bible does not prove it untrue. So just relax. The Bible never bothered to tell us about medicine or transportation yet that doesn’t mean you’re free to ignore advances to does it? Yes I know about the ironically named Christian Scientists but they are in a minority. It just always confounds me when people take the Bible oh so literally. If you do take it literally may I ask you the same question Bill Hicks used to ask? What about dinosaurs? If the Bible is the only book you need to understand everything then where are the dinosaurs? If man existed at about the same time as all the animals why didn’t someone write about a T-Rex or a raptor? You’d think if oh say Moses saw a big old sauropod it would have made the Good Book.

You can get a lot of good stuff from the Bible. But it is not the solution to everything. You must use the good sense and compassion God gave you. As the old Indian proverb says, “Call out to the Lord, but row away from the rocks.”


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