Friday, June 09, 2006

I love it when I learn new things. I’m fairly curious by nature so I’m always looking around and hoping to discover something new. So I’m just surfing around and I find this article by Eric Alan Beltt entitled, “Liberalism is a Psychology”. It’s bad enough I got Michael Savage trying to convince people that liberals have mental disorders and Ann Coulter saying liberals are Godless now I find this. Please read the article if you can make it all the way through.

Oh by the way, I was going to copy the article and annotate it but alas Eric Alan Beltt is a bigger windbag than me.

The most nauseating thing is says is that liberals believe things that are “patently wrong”. Of course he offers no evidence he gives no substance he just says that liberals are wrong. Liberals never have a good damn idea. That seems a bit arrogant. So was Social Security wrong? Is wanting everyone to have access to health care wrong? Are civil rights wrong? You can’t just say the other side is wrong and offer no proof.

Also I think Mr. Beltt should understand that in a democracy it functions best when it has a diversity of opinions. There must be ideas from all sides to make this country as strong as it can be. I bear no malice against traditional Republicans who want smaller government and fiscal responsibility. Those are sound notions and they belong in the national debate.

But to call a school of thought patently wrong is just arrogant and shows a lack of ability to really debate the issues.

Another annoyance is the notion liberals do things to help people because they feel superior to them. I cannot pretend to speak for all liberals but in all honesty I feel superior to no one. We are all in this together, created equal in the eyes of God. To call liberals arrogant in this regard shows how little Mr. Beltt really knows about liberals. I wonder if he has ever talked to a Quaker or a Catholic Worker or a humanist. I wonder if the words empathy and sympathy have any real meaning for Mr. Beltt. I wonder if Mr. Beltt has any concept of being a humble servant of God and man.

Mr. Beltt also tries to demonstrate that liberals are elitists. He claims the liberals that dominate the legal, academic, entertainment and media professions choose to go into those fields just for their egos. He claims they have elite social circles. So apparently all the wealthy conservatives that belong to country clubs that won’t admit blacks or Jews are just common folk. All the wealthy conservatives that pour money into the Republican political machine are regular Joes. All the Republicans in their gated communities are just the salt of the earth. It’d be funny if weren’t so sad.

One more thing before I put this puppy to bed. This is just one more example of someone slamming liberals. Liberals are so marginalized in this current political climate it’s hard to find any of them at all in power. Liberals have been the victim of a two decade long plan to mold the USA into a country that pleases them. I remember back during the 1984 Presidential debates Reagan called Mondale “a card carrying member of the ACLU” and a liberal. The crowd cheered like Reagan just landed a really good yo momma joke. Liberals are under attack because they stand between the Christian-Neo-Conservative-Corporate right and their agenda of running America with an iron fist.

OK I lied. I have one more morsel for you to chew on. It would have been so easy for me to attack Eric Alan Beltt in the same fashion he attacked liberals. But I took a pass. I could claim to know the conservative mindset and make a lot of generalizations and take about 150 cheap shots but I passed. Trust me it wasn’t easy. This country will not ever get anywhere if we lose the ideal of real debate. We have gone from the classic Lincoln –Douglas style debates to the less civilized Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage shouting matches. I think we can do better.


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