Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It’s funny how life works sometimes. Not laughter funny more odd funny. Anyway while I was at the Peace Rally in Columbus a guy asked to take a picture of my sign. I obliged. He then brought up Alex Jones and I said I had never heard of him. He was still nice enough to give two DVDs with two different editions of the movie Loose Change on them. I’ll be honest I had never heard of this movie beforehand. Also, just so you know, Alex Jones has nothing to with Loose Change. He runs the Website Prison Planet. If you’re cynical about conspiracy theories feel free to take a pass. I would say the same for the movie, most of which feels like hyperbole and speculation. I’ll try and post a review soon. If you really want to view it you can go to Google Video and watch it there, just type in “loose change” into the search box. I recommend watching both editions so you can see all the evidence the movie has.

Usually I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories. Why? Because most of the evil takes place out in the open, it’s just that most people don’t pay enough attention or the media totally drops the ball in covering it. So most of these elaborate conspiracies are flights of fancy. But if I were a wee bit more paranoid I’d say there is a conspiracy. I’d say our government was trying to destroy our schools.

I know this isn’t a conspiracy. I wish it were. It would make for a far cooler story. Our schools are in trouble. They’re sinking a little deeper everyday to.

Here’s just the latest example. The State of Florida wants high school students to declare majors, because they think that students will like school better if they only study what they like. I say this reeks of maybe the worst idea since the My Mother the Car. You see high school is there to provide a foundation of learning. It is there to leave you well prepared to for the rest of your life, whatever that may be. To allow these young students to close themselves off from the broad spectrum of education is downright dumb.

It’s bad enough that because of all these awful proficiency tests those schools are teaching less science and art and history to focus on the subjects, math and reading, which they are so harshly judged on. If a school doesn’t go well on these tests then they may lose funding. So schools are forced to teach kids just to do well on these examinations. The schools should be broadening the students’ minds not training them to take a test.

It’s bad enough that in Ohio the funding for schools is based mostly on property taxes, which means the wealthier neighborhoods get better schools than the poorer ones. Silly me, I thought segregation was over. It’s not. It’s now wealthy and poor instead of black and white.

It’s bad enough that schools start at ungodly early hours, which makes it harder on everyone involved to do their best. The high school and middle school around here start at 7:35. That’s too early for the chickens let alone teenagers. Schools have no business starting earlier then 8:30. There’s lots of research that shows later start times reduce discipline issues, raise attendance and improve overall academic performance. But for some reason administrators want schools to start earlier and earlier.

I got so upset about the failure of public schools because as they fail the country fails. A democracy cannot function without an educated population. If a population grows ignorant the snake oil salesmen and charlatans would seize control. That benefits no one but the charlatans and the snake oil salesmen.

“We must not believe the many, who say only the free ought to be educated, but we should rather believe the philosophers who say that only the educated are free.”




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