Monday, March 20, 2006

It’s required reading time! Oh stop your whining! Anyway, please go here and read this story about James Hansen. Link Or if you’re lazy you can here and watch the story. Link


Am I the only one who finds this totally disturbing? The government is rewriting science to meet its political ends? James Hansen can’t speak in public without a government handler present? We have, according to Hansen, ten years until we reach a tipping point and the Bush administration does not care?

Please understand this is not merely about polar bears and penguins. This is about the planet. If this planet fails so do we. We cannot afford to be indifferent here. We must act to slow this process of global warming. If the ice caps melt and the oceans rise and weather turns for the worse and species start becoming extinct at an accelerated rate, then we will suffer as well. We have only one place in the whole universe we can call home. We must take care of it or it will not take care of us.


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