Monday, March 20, 2006

Bush was in Cleveland today. He’s out and about trying to sell the American people on why we should stay in Iraq. All the cable news channels covered his speech. I didn’t watch it in its entirety. I had a few other things to do and I can only watch Bush speak for so long before I get the shakes. It’s not entirely his message either. It’s all those pauses he takes and that stupid little smirk he gets. It makes me lose my religion.

What I did catch however left me questioning two things he said. Yeah I know what you’re thinking, “Only two?” Like I said I didn’t see the whole speech so I got little to complain about.

Someone asked Bush about our policy of pre-emptive strikes. Bush said we must strike before a threat fully materializes. But I wonder this, if a threat hasn’t fully materialized is it really a threat? Aren’t there many other ways to deal with a possible threat? Aren’t there ways far less violent than pre-emptive military action? Also if we allow for pre-emptive action against a potential threat how sweeping will this definition of potential threat be? How much does this policy of pre-emptive strikes allow us to attack whomever we can drum up some paranoia against?

This strikes me as doctrine based on fear. Fear is a scheme used by someone who wants control. Fear is a tactic that can circumvent reason. Fear is the tool of the fascist not the democrat.

Later Bush was speaking about his plan to permit certain Mexicans in to do labor, mostly agricultural. His line is, and he’s used this before, that the Mexicans will be doing jobs Americans don’t want to do. Do you think Bush has asked himself why Americans don’t want these jobs? Could is possibly be because they involve beak breaking labor at appallingly low wages in hazardous working conditions? What Bush isn’t saying is the truth. That what Bush wants is for his buddies that own these corporate farms to be able to maximize their profits. Never mind that they are already bleeding the system dry with federal subsidies. They also want people to work for them for as little as possible. Do you think Bush realizes that if these same jobs only the Mexicans will do paid decent wages and had safer working conditions people would do them. Americans do all sorts of hard and dangerous labor. They just won’t do it on the cheap.


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