Thursday, February 09, 2006

I know I mention Bill Hicks here all the time. But, please humor me on this one. He used to have this routine about the show COPS. Where he would talk about some of the more interesting domestic disputes that they would show. It always seemed that no matter how bad the situation was the woman would defend her man. She would invariably extol the virtues of this letch, no matter how bad the beating was. “Oh he’s a good man,” she’d say over and over again.

What does this have to do with anything you ask? Well I swear the American people act just like this towards their government and corporations. No matter how bad the people are getting screwed over they just lie there and take it. The American people have clearly learned to love the abuse.

Oh how are government is keeping us safe. So don’t you worry your pointy little head about those unimportant civil rights.

Please don’t lose any sleep about the softening job market and the steady decline in real wages. It’s gay marriage that you ought be out in the streets protesting.

Forget the 38 million people in the United States who don’t have enough to eat. Worry about one brain dead women in a Florida hospice or maybe a missing teenager in Aruba.

Don’t even bother yourself with the 45 million or so Americans who have zero health insurance. Instead why not worry about a celebrity’s sex life.

Most American’s are so unwilling to stand up to authority it’s troubling. We act like we elect not a representative government but some horde of despots who demand absolute loyalty. It always helps to remember this, rebels founded America. We rebelled against Britain when we didn’t like the taxes. People took to the streets to free slaves and give women the right to vote and demand equal rights for all citizens.

Stop being so docile people! Demand information. Never just completely trust the government I don’t care who’s in charge. The people are getting screwed every day and they do nothing. It’s disheartening. Educate yourself and get on your representative’s butt. Never let them forget who’s boss. Don’t just sit there and take what they feed you. The government will always do what makes the government happy until the people raise a stink. So it’s time to stink the place up people.


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