Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oh goodness gracious wherever shall I begin?

I’m sure you were at least aware that George Bush delivered his State of the Union address tonight. If you missed it you didn’t miss much. It was just same crap deeper pile.

First off Cindy Sheehan got arrested. She was invited to attend and was wearing a t-shirt with the number of American fatalities in Iraq on it. She was lifted out of her seat by the Capitol Police and arrested. Wearing a t-shirt is apparently illegal. Who knew? Some media has reported that she unfurled a banner of some sort. But there is no photographic evidence to support that as I write this.

Now Cindy could have been a good little patriot like the family of the fallen soldier who were there. I know that soldier wrote a letter that makes George’s little crusade seem worthwhile. But given that George Bush will not attend funerals for fallen soldiers trotting them out for his own political gain is pathetic. The standing ovation they received seemed unnatural to me. It’s not that I don’t feel sorry for them. I do. I’ve lost enough people I care about to empathize. But what’s with a standing ovation? It seems a bit too rah rah for my tastes. Would you applaud at a funeral? No. So please just offer the family your condolences and prayers and leave these people be.

Speaking of standing ovations, why in God’s name does the President get one about every paragraph? Sit down shut up and listen to the speech. Is this Congress or Wrestlemania? Every single time he made a point up and at them they went. Our President has made a point, now it’s time to applaud like he told us we were all getting a new car.

The President is going to off of foreign oil but converting us over to coal. Wow! You know, because we really need more people in those super-safe coal mines. Coal is such an inexhaustible resource to. He said something about ethanol made of saw grass and wood chips. Also we need more nuclear power. Unlike Iran that can’t have any because they’re bad people.

The President also defended his illegal wiretapping program by using the same old crap. He always tells us that it’s protecting us and he would never spy on Americans. Don’t believe him. You should never surrender your freedoms in the name of protection. It never works out.

For those among you who doubt that it’s illegal. Let me tell you this much, Bush as said previously that wiretapping requires a warrant. Why did he flip-flop? Or was he just lying to us before?

The President then gave his little spiel about how freedom is on the march. Democracy will insure that we will have a peaceful world. Yet when Palestine elected a government that we disapproved of, Hamas, we told them to disarm, disavow terrorism and grovel at the feet of their American overlords. Isn’t the whole point of democracy that the people can determine their own destiny? Didn’t George also say that the Middle Eastern democracies wouldn’t completely resemble our own because of cultural differences? Why can’t he accept Hamas?

He also wants the rich to keep those spiffy tax cuts forever. God I wanted to throw up. You see all that tax relief isn’t really helping the middle class or the working class or the working poor. No it only helps the wealthy few. That’s the only people this administration has ever really helped. The reason our deficit is so bad is because we have no tax income from the wealthy particularly the big corporations. Remember we have 38 million people living on the verge of hunger living in this country and wages relative to inflation are not increasing. Those tax cuts aren’t going to do squat for majority of Americans.

Personal savings accounts for health care are an unfunny joke. We need price controls and better low cost of free health care. But no one wants to keep the pharmaceutical bosses from getting fat off of their pills so that won’t happen anytime soon.

Also Bush keeps harping on how lawsuits are driving doctors away. So he wants to limit the ability of patients to sue their doctors for malpractice. I’ll just say this; if my doctor screws my health up I want justice. Of course Bush had to use the old OB/GYN example, I could make several jokes, but I digress.

When Bush dared compare his struggles to those faced by Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I wanted to break stuff. This is especially true considering Dr. King’s widow, Coretta Scott King, had just passed away the same day. Please let the historians decide whose struggles yours most closely mirror. Comparing yourself to great leaders like Lincoln and King just comes off as shameless.

Ok, I’m done for now. I need to go flush the Republican nonsense out of system. As always I welcome your insights to my little rants.


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