Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Some days I’m down right giddy that I’m Catholic. Go forth children and read this article. Thanks to Alternet for alerting me to this story.

It’s about time someone agrees with me on this. Not that I wouldn’t be willing to stand alone mind you. But having some friends and neighbors stand with me is a good feeling.

Now I’m not going to go on yet another rant about evolution vs. intelligent design, I’ve said my peace. But I think this article underscores a very important point. Not all people of faith are against progress and reason. In fact I would wager that most people of faith are as open-minded and eager to learn as their agnostic and atheist brothers and sisters.

If you only pay attention to the media in this country with regard to religion you’d swear all the faithful were batty. You’d be pretty certain they all hate gay people and vote Republican. But they don’t. In fact Catholics are down right pinko commies. If you factor out the Catholic Church’s stance on sexual issues, which is, where the schism between them and American liberals is. The Catholic Church is a very liberal organization really. They are very pro-human right and pro-workers rights and are in opposition to war and the death penalty. God I’m amazed Al Franken isn’t Catholic. Oh come on, laugh it’s funny. Plus the Catholic Church has a strong tradition of opening schools and hospitals. I tell you the Catholics really are socialists at heart. I know lots of other churches do these things but I speak of the Catholic faith because it’s where I come from and what I know the best. So please don’t take offense if you’re a Baptist or Methodist or one of the many other faiths that has made public service a priority.

I always cringe a bit when I hear people regard religion like it’s a mental handicap. I know you’ve heard some smug atheist get on their little soapbox and demean religion. I always take great comfort though in that atheism in itself is an intellectual fallacy. Oh yes it is. I’m not saying they’re wrong. Who knows? They could be right and there may not be a God. But atheist can no more disprove the existence of God than a Christian can prove it. So at best you can doubt it or be agnostic if you will. Remember kids; the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Isn’t logic just the coolest?

In the case of all the goofy fools making all that noise and giving religion a bad name it always helps to remember this; the empty can rattles the most. Also that the only time people make a lot of racket about an issue is when it is in the most doubt. People that have come to terms with their faith and themselves tend to be very peaceful caring people. Its conniving cretins that use religion like its propaganda that are making the rest of us look bad.


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