Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Part 2: The 2 Party System

I hate the two party system. If I had any guts I’d just type “the end” and go to bed. But I know you gentle reader would like to hear more from me so I shall do my best.

You see the two party system is a joke. There is in reality very little difference between our little friends the Democrats and the Republicans. Both would soon eat dirt before they would attack capitalism or the military. Both parties are pro-capitalism, pro-military, God fearing, flag waving proud Americans. Heaven forbid they be any different.

Now before I make a demand for the media and you gentle reader to look into and expose more candidates with more diverse ideas than the current system offers. I must confess something. I really hate the idea of political parties at all. If I could wish one thing away in our current political system it would be the political party. I’d really like to see some people just stand up there and tell me what they think. I’d love to see politicians speak and not have to worry about towing the party line.

I must also confess I’ve been registered as a Republican, Democrat and Independent. I was a Republican when I really wanted to get Bill Clinton out of office. I was a Democrat when I wanted George W. Bush out of office. I was an Independent when I was sane.

Now with that off of my chest I can move on to the rest of rant. Since I’m occasionally a realist I know the USA is married to the idea of political parties and I have about as much chance of getting rid of it as I do of having Kate Winslet give birth to my children. So I shall do my best to fix the mess we got.

If you really think that the current system with its paltry two parties can accurately represent the entire scope of American political thinking you’d be wrong. Now I can already hear you’re wheels grinding way. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “ But Eric everyone is represented by the current system. It’s only the wacko fringe parties that you’re talking about and almost no one in the agrees with them.” This would be somewhat true. But there’s a really bad reason it’s true. It’s true because they can’t get any exposure. Do you seriously think CNN wants to discuss the Socialist Party’s platform? There’s not a chance in Hell. The media loves it’s little neat bundle of two parties to cover. That makes things very easy on them.

I’d love to see some real diversity in our political system. I don’t mean just skin color either. Why do all the candidates have to from the Judeo-Christian tradition? Wouldn’t an atheist candidate be an interesting choice? Why not a Humanist? Why not some Buddhists? Wouldn’t a Muslim be an excellent choice for our government right now? Who better to explain the mindset of Muslims than a Muslim!

When the Presidential debates roll around all the candidates should be allowed in, not just the ones from the big two. I say let in the Socialist and Green Party and Libertarian and whoever can work up a candidate. Let’s shake the structure up!

Wouldn’t it be great to hear a much broader range of opinion? I would love nothing more than to watch candidates from the two major political parties have to debate a Communist. God that would make the debates worth watching! Let those coached up talking point spewing sock monkeys deal with some real diversity.

I have decided to end this rant of mine with a link to a fine web site that lists the political parties active the United States. So I ask that you if time allows look over that Website and see if they say anything you like. I know some are rather radical, oh like the American Nazi party, but there is a wonderful diversity of opinion on there. There is far more to the political spectrum than the donkeys and the elephants want you to believe.

American Political Parties


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