Thursday, September 29, 2005

Today again I shall engage in some random thinking. Sorry to do this to you but I got lots of things I want to say.

I love me my redheads. Good golly do I like redheads. I get weak around a cute redhead. You just can’t beat a cute red-haired girl. Just ask Charlie Brown. If she happens to have freckles, well I go a little light-headed and get all dreamy feeling. Those fire-haired beauties just do it for me. You can keep your blondes and your brunettes and all other hues. I love redheads.

The odd thing is I cannot explain it. I haven’t the slightest clue as to why I love the redheads. It’s just the way I am. Honestly I’ve never really tried to examine why it is I like redheads so much, but I do. I just can’t explain it.

Why am I telling you this? Am I that lonely? Am I fishing for a date? Nope. It’s just that if I can’t explain why or I have never made a conscious choice to be enamored with redheads, then ho does someone choose or should they be able to explain why they are gay? I’m just curious.

Why is changing your mind so frowned upon? Cindy Sheehan and John Kerry have both recently gotten some heat for changing their minds or altering their opinions or whatever you want to call it. The fact of the matter is this, changing you mind is ok as long as it’s for a good reason.

You see if someone changes their minds because they happen upon some new evidence or have some experience that alters their view on this world then it’s ok. See we should base our opinions on facts, reasoned debate and life experiences. If as you go through your life you encounter things that alter your opinion that’s how it works and it’s all right.

Now maybe John Kerry was flopping around to keep himself in his comfy cozy Senate gig. That’s reasonable cause to get kicked in the shins. Not truly believing what you say is lying and that’s never good. Oh just so you know I’m not Kerry bashing here, almost all politicians flip-flop. If you read their voting records and what they say I can almost guarantee you will find inconsistencies.

Now with Cindy Sheehan she came out strongly against the United States’ war in Iraq after her son was killed fighting it. I’m perfectly fine with her doing it. She wants to prevent other mother’s from enduring what she’s endured that’s fine. Ever hear of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers)? Their whole organization was started because they wanted others not to suffer as they have suffered. This is a noble thing.

Just always remember it’s acceptable to change your mind as long as there is a good reason behind it.

Why does Congress care about professional baseball? Have they fixed the nation? Are they all out of other troubles to solve?

I know steroids are bad for you and all, but I really don’t care if athletes do them and let’s face it neither do most sports fans either. Oh they’ll feign outrage on radio talk shows and their like but they don’t really care. As long as the athletes perform and give them an exciting time at the ball game they don’t care. The fans and the athletes all want bigger and faster all the time.

Please don’t give me this whiny nonsense about how steroids ruin your body. Being a pro athlete isn’t the best for you either really. A good many athletes end up arthritic and worse. A lot of athletes are so driven the end up criminals because they turn violent.

Also I don’t want to hear that kids do steroids because pro athletes do steroids. They do them because they are in the athlete’s mindset of win at all cost. They don’t care what it takes as long as they win.

If we want to get serious about cleaning up sports we should worry more about the following. Stop passing high school athletes, in classes they are failing, just to keep them on the team. Parents should stop getting in fights in the stands and with the officials and coaches. The media needs to largely ignore high schools sports. Report the final scores and show a few highlights and leave the kids alone. Do not interview them and do not hype the games for weeks in advance and do not elevate them to positions they are not ready to handle.

So Congress should be attending to the damage left by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the war in Iraq and where the Hell Osama Bin Laden is, among many other things. Let’s leave the games to the children.


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