Saturday, June 24, 2006

I’ve got good news and I got bad news. Well by the end of this post it will look like mostly bad news. So I got to give you kids a little sugar to help the medicine go down.

First the good news, I believe soon they may very well be a unified Iraq. Yes you heard it here first. Little old anti-war me thinks that there will soon may be a unified Iraq. All the Sunnis and the Shiites and the Kurds will all be in this together. They will function as one unified Iraq.

Well hooray for our team right? What possibly could be bad about a unified Iraq? What could there possibly be that could make that a bad thing? It would really be “Mission Accomplished”. Wouldn’t it?

Well I haven’t said yet what I think will unify Iraq. I haven’t told you what just might bring all Iraqis together in spite of their religious and tribal differences. What force could unify Iraq? They might all soon unify to kick the Americans the Hell out of their country. If we thought the insurgency is bad now just wait until Iraq unifies. If Iraq comes together with one mission and that mission to kick the American military and contractors dead square in the ass, then we will soon long for the days of only 2,500 dead American servicemen and women.

Today it was reported by Newsweek that the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, has plan. That plan wants a timetable for US troop withdrawal from Iraq, amnesty for Iraqis that have killed American troops, compensation for victims of coalition military operation and release all security detainees in US and Iraqi prisons. I somehow doubt the Bush Administration will be happy to see this plan. This really doesn’t seem like it fits with this administration’s new mantra of “stay the course”. I’m pretty sure this is not the mission they wanted to accomplish.

Things in Iraq continue to remain hellish. Go read this report from The Detroit Free Press. Baghdad is currently under a state of emergency, in spite of an attempt by Iraqi soldiers to restore peace to Baghdad.

Killing Al-Zarqawi wasn’t a deathblow to the insurgents. This was not a case of chopping the head off of the serpent. Al-Zarqawi wasn’t that important to the insurgency. These insurgents will keep fighting no matter who dies, be it Al-Zarqawi or even Bin laden. Think about it. If one of our leaders died would we expect our troops to stop fighting? The dead leader will simply be replaced and the fighters will keep on fighting. That’s just how wars work.

So here’s the decision that President Bush has got to make. The Iraqis clearly want us out. Iraq is a violent out of control civil war. So will he start working with Congress and the Iraqi government for us to leave? Will he defy all the neo-conservatives and oil companies that wanted this war? Will he take a stand and do what is not only prudent but what is right? Well he stand down as the Iraqi government stands up?

I fear that he won’t. After over five years of watching this New England born, Ivy League educated, heir to old money pseudo-cowboy operate, I’ve lost all faith in him. He didn’t act quickly on 9/11, he didn’t act quickly after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and I doubt he will show any real eagerness to act here.

If the President or Congress doesn’t agree to work with the Iraqi government and start allowing them to control their own destiny, I fear the situation in Iraq may worsen. The Republicans must drop this macho nonsense of not “cutting and running” and start to give the Iraqis what they want. Which is obviously control of their government, the right to self-rule. Wasn’t that our mission anyways?


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