Monday, September 12, 2005

Hello all,

You know, some days I suck worse than others. Well, maybe I don’t totally suck but I do get mad at myself. Why is this? I find that I don’t speak up enough when given the opportunity.

Like the other day at work, this guy I work with was talking about the people displaced by Hurricane Katrina and was calling them and I quote “ghetto niggers”. Did I lay him flat with facts? Did I chastise him for his complete lack of humanity? I just gave him a dirty look and sat there stewing away. I know it’s not a good idea to start stuff at work. But, I should have said something. Saying anything would have been preferable to what I did which was squat. I mean here was a guy saying that he hated ignorance and then he uses that language. The irony was amazing. I could have lit him up like a Christmas tree, but alas I did nothing and I’m mad at myself.

Until next time cyberspace,


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