Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I suppose I should take time to introduce myself in some small way. I mean if you are kind enough to read my little corner of the blogosphere, I should be polite enough to say hi.

First the title, for those of you not well read in the field of philosphy, Occam's Razor refers to the principle that the simpler solution is best. I find people have a nasty tendency to complicate things far more than they really need to. Just fill out your own taxes and you'll see what I mean. Or, God save us all, read a legal document. We've lost all directness in our language. We refer to children as "precious cargo". Why? Aren't children inheirently precious? Cargo has the connotation of inantimate objects not a human. So unless your kids ride on the roof of your SUV they are not precious cargo they are your children. See one word just replaced two, isn't simplicity a hoot?

This blog will be equal parts, more or less, politics, current events, pop culture and whatever else is in the process of taking years off of my life. I shall warn you in advance I'm a Catholic Liberal Pacifist Humanist. You've been warned.

What in God's name does that all mean? OK I shall give you a few samples of what diseased thoughts stir in my brain.

  • Abortion is a bad solution to a bad problem. We need to find ways to reduce the need for abortions by better educating our population and providing easier access to birth control. But that being said I do not favor the outlawing of abortion. It would just lead to women getting killed instead of abortions so either way nobody wins.
  • Since I'm more or less on this subject I'm pro-life right down the board. I'm against the death penalty, doctor assisted suicide and war when its not an absolute last resort and in total self defense.
  • Speaking of war, the drug war is a waste. No drug user should ever go to jail for just doing drugs. Our prisons are filled to the brim with pot smokers. This is a waste of our tax dollars. Put these people in rehab not jail.
  • Organizations like the World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are greedy leeches on the ass of humanity and ought be stopped. More later.
  • The Patriot Act is anything but patriotic and ought be repealed. One should never sacrifice liberty for safety, to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson.
  • Homosexuality is inborn not a choice. Would you seriously choice to be a repressed and abused minority? Also, if it is a choice when did you choose to be straight?Think about it.
  • Intelligent Design does NOT belong in science class. Intelligent Design is not science it's a philosophical arguement for the existance of God. Therefore keep it away from science class and send it off to philosophy class where it belongs. Creationism is a rant onto itself.
  • Wal-Mart is evil. Please shop elsewhere.
  • Also please tip the wait staff, they depend on that money more then you realize.

OK that'll be all for now. Feel free to comment on my little brain droppings. I'll elaborate more later as I get the time and the spirit moves me. Also feel free to disagree and correct me if I mess up. I'm a big boy I can take it.


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