Friday, September 09, 2005

President Bush,

I know it’s become rather popular to whip you like a government mule lately, but I have a complaint that I haven’t seen registered yet. So I feel it’s my duty to bring up this little observation of my very own.

Twice during your presidency you have faced a crisis of utterly mind numbing proportions. Twice you have been asked to lead this country through events that gave rise to great chaos and fear. Twice you were asked to rise up like Roosevelt and Lincoln and lead this country out of its nadir. Twice you hesitated and stumbled like a scared child. Twice you have retreated. Twice you have waited while a country wanted its leader to give them words of comfort and inspiration.

After that horrific day of September 11th, 2001 you went into some Secret Service safe house or whatever you were in and waited for their clearance before you said anything. This was after you stayed with some school children reading My Pet Goat after being told both towers of the World Trade Center were attacked. I know for a guy who doesn’t read the newspaper My Pet Goat is probably some awfully intense reading, but you had a job to do. You dropped the ball badly. You left the American people, the people who elected you to lead them, alone and confused and scared. Granted that confusion and fear got you reelected and got our troops bogged down in a horrible situation in a country that had nothing to do with September 11th. But you didn’t lead us out of the darkness. You didn’t punish the guilty. You used it as a politic tool. You used the deaths of almost 3,000 people to further your own ambitions and get us in a war that has already claimed over 1,800 more American lives. You failed us.

Then after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast you waited. This was a category 4 hurricane, a storm with the power of tens of thousands of atom bombs, striking a heavily populated area. Katrina hit a city, New Orleans, which has over a million people and sits below sea level. Now I know eating birthday cake with John McCain is a regular hoot nanny. Far be it for me to keep you from indulging your sweet tooth. I hope they give you ice cream with that cake; cake without ice cream is kind of a drag I know. Then you went to California and strummed a guitar. I play guitar to. What song did you play? Was it “Smoke on the Water”? The title seems appropriate, given the circumstances. I know you ended your 49th vacation a whole day early so you could fly 1700 feet over the shattered houses, wrecked businesses and broken people. Again you failed us.

Now I know you Mom has said that things are working out well for those relocated to Houston after Hurricane Katrina devastated their homes. I mean they were just poor people right? Hell, being bussed into a sports stadium, sleeping on cots and having little if any privacy must be just like camping. I mean it should only last several months. Besides they’re poor and don’t give money to her boy’s fund raising efforts so why should she care?

Why do you wait? Are you one of those slow meticulous planners? Are you engaging in deeply scientific research, carefully weighing all the pertinent facts before you make a bold decision? Are you scared and confused? Are you waiting for someone to tell you what to do? Are you waiting for your old buddy Karl Rove to help you out?

Whatever the reason is, you have left me no other choice but to ask for you to resign. Twice this country has needed its president to step up and lead us through our dark hours. Twice you blew it. Twice you failed us. So please Mr. President resign. This country can’t afford to keep you as our leader.

Patiently waiting,

Eric Daugherty


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