Thursday, October 05, 2006

If I have learned nothing else in watching the tragedy unfold from Pennsylvania Amish Country it is this, The Amish are shining examples to us all. In the wake of having five of their precious daughters killed so senselessly. The Amish people raise their voices in anger or whimper in fear. Instead they forgave the killer. They forgave his family. One family of a slain little girl invited the widow of the killer and his family to her funeral. The Amish have set up a charity for the family of the killer, redirecting some of the half of a million dollars donated to them in the wake of this tragedy.

Where did we go wrong? These simple people have had their world invaded by man who murdered their daughters, and by some accounts even wanted to molest them, and they still forgave him. They still carried on with their lives. The Amish shun modern convenience for a simple life. They live their faith every day. They have the strength to forgive this obviously sick man who caused them so much pain. There was no call for vengeance. There was no call to judge anyone. There was no outcry to even the score. There was only forgiveness.

We could learn a lot from the Amish. I just hope we do.


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