Friday, July 07, 2006


We foiled a terror plot today! Isn’t that great news? Don’t you want to go salute your flag? I mean sure the people arrested really didn’t get much past talking about doing it. They had not done any reconnaissance or bought any explosives yet. Sure no one was totally sure which tunnel they were about to blow up. I will grant you that their plan was asinine at best. Blowing a hole in a tunnel and waiting for it flood a city above sea level has the ring of something from a bad Jerry Bruckheimer movie. (Is there a good Jerry Bruckheimer movie?) Not to mention the laws of physics were totally against them. I mean we captured bad guys right? This is just like in Miami when we got those guys who didn’t really have ties to Al Qaeda. I mean sure they were probably slightly less dangerous than all the concealed weapons laws and all the militia groups out west. By God though we got us the bad guys though.

This couldn’t be some crass political ploy could it? Sure the CIA officially has disbanded the unit charged with hunting Osama Bin Laden. Sure violence in Iraq hasn’t abated since the death of Al Zarqawi. Sure the Iraqi government has made some overtures about a timetable for the withdrawal of US forces from their country. But the US government wouldn’t use an arrest like this to their political advantage. Would they? Isn’t that what the color-coded terror alert system is for? Hey whatever happened to the old terror alert system? They seemed to have stopped using it after the 2004 presidential elections. I wonder why?

I mean the US of A takes the “war on terror” very seriously. I mean we invaded Iraq didn’t we? Sure they didn’t have any ties to Al Qaeda. Sure they didn’t have any “weapons of mass destruction”. But we sure did invade them. We invaded Afghanistan to get Bin Laden and overthrow the Taliban. That worked out great! We haven’t gotten Bin Laden yet, and I emphasize yet, but we will someday more than likely. The Taliban maybe returning to power in Afghanistan but we’ll just invade them again. That’ll teach them but good.

Oh and North Korea with their long-range missile that flew all of 42 seconds. Of course our fearless president will use every diplomatic avenue possible, just like he did with Iraq. I mean North Korea may actually have more than one nuclear warhead. That’s only about 10,000 less than we have. That’s scary.

I mean, as these terrorists get scarier and scarier I need to vote for and support a leader that will stop at nothing to protect me. Even if it means I have to sacrifice my civil rights and the human dignity and the very lives of others. Because the only thing we have to fear is the terrorists.

This message was brought to you by the letter S as in sarcasm. It’s all that keeps me sane in these maddening times.


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