Thursday, September 28, 2006

This being the last day of the Declaration of Peace week the local Pax Christi chapter decided we needed to do something that would get some attention. So a chain with 3000 links was made. One link for every American soldier killed in the war on terror. Also one link for about every 33 Iraqi soldiers or civilians killed in Iraq. The chain was a city block long, several hundred feet, and took about two-dozen people to move it from the street up to Representative Gillmor’s third floor office. One of the Toledo television stations, NBC 24, even covered the event. They did a fine job indeed. I’ll post a video link if there is one eventually.

Once in Rep. Gillmor’s office, we made a presentation and Gillmor’s staff was accommodating and accepted the chain. They said they would forward a picture of the chain to Rep. Gillmor, which translates to they are going to pitch that big old chain as soon as they can get it to the dumpster.

It may seem like a small thing a few dozen people making a presentation to a congressman who was 600 miles away. But if more people made their voices heard in small ways it would add up to quite a roar and much better nation.


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