Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It’s been a while since I posted anything. So in lieu of any long form post like the previous post I shall now just throw a few ideas out there. I am starting work on another longer post though. Which was oddly enough inspired by a conservative blog. For whatever reasons the woman who writes this blog was listing various things. Well one of the lists was “Things you don’t understand”. The first thing she listed was pacifism. As always I am here to help. So I shall do my best to explain pacifism, to anyone who wants to read it. Hopefully I can knock it out in about a week.

Anyway on with the random scattered thoughts.

Lamont vs. Lieberman: I’ve opposed the war in Iraq from it’s beginning. I’m pretty far left on the political spectrum. That being said I really don’t give a damn about whether or not Joe Lieberman is in the Senate or not. My problem rather was with this whole political battle was that it played out like a mob hit. Joe went against what the members of his party wanted. Well the Senate Democrats have voted for very un-liberal things like the war in Iraq and the Patriot Act almost unanimously over the last 5 years, but let’s not weight down this pathetic little episode with the facts shall we? Anyway so Joe defies his little party so they get rid of him. Now as far as I know Joe never woke up with a horse’s head in his bed. But he did lose a primary election, which is quite rare for an incumbent senator. So apparently you defy the party and you go down in flames. This bothers me greatly. I don’t like this blind loyalty nonsense from either party.

So here’s a suggestion. Let’s just abolish political parties all together. Let’s make them illegal. Let’s see what all these people who want this power really have going for themselves. There will be no more talking points and the party to back you for an election. Just the candidate and their ideas will be on display. You think that this is a radical idea? Well George Washington didn’t want political parties to form either. He thought that would cause too much division in the young republic. Do you want to argue with George Washington? I swear the man was right about everything. If you don’t believe that go read his farewell address.

Israel and Hezbollah: Here’s the scariest thing that has come out of this awful conflict. Hezbollah is now promising to help rebuild damaged Lebanese properties. They will apparently do this with some financial backing from Syria and Iran. Let me say this in plain terms. If our president is as intent on spreading democracy and freedom as he says. Then his first priority right now should be to back the UN to go in and rebuild the damage in Lebanon. If the Lebanese people see Hezbollah as this benevolent benefactor who cares about them while the US and Israel are the aggressors. Then we have lost badly in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East.

Liquid Bombs in the Sky: First go read this article. This whole episode strikes me as political. Bush and Blair’s war is going to Hell in a hand basket and miraculously another threat appears. I know I sound awfully crass but this administration has a history of using the threat of terrorism as a diversion. I doubt this is much different. Like the article said those guys were on watch lists their chances of bordering a plane were minimal at best. So where’s the threat? Ten years ago the band Rage Against the Machine released their CD, Evil Empire. On it was a song was a song titled “Vietnow”, whose refrain contained the phrase, “Fear is your only God.” They were prophets I swear.


Blogger Christopher said...

I have to agree with you about the 'liquid bomb' threat being just a LITTLE too convenient in it's timing.
Something tells me, that this attack was being planned for years, was known about and was only 'stopped' when President Bush realized it could be used to uplift his falling poll numbers.
I am not a conspiracy theorist and neither is my uncle (an Vietnam and Korea veteran) but even he find the timing more than a little suspicious

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