Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A couple days ago George Bush said, rather emphatically I might add, that as long as he is president we would have troops in Iraq. We won’t leave until the mission is accomplished. Never mind I seem to recall something with an aircraft carrier and a big “Mission Accomplished” sign. Never mind that the plans for and the conditions that would signal victory in Iraq are only slightly more vague than the ending of The Blair Witch Project. Never mind that the reasons we invaded Iraq to begin with have changed over time. Never mind we’ve been in Iraq for about as long as were in World War II. Never mind how our handling of the war in Iraq has damaged the United States in the eyes of the world. Never mind the potential crises with Iran and North Korea. Never mind how overworked our military is in Iraq or how few people want to volunteer for military service.

On Hardball tonight Van Taylor, a Republican from Texas who's running for a seat in the House, and Paul Hackett who’s not running for anything because the silly Democrats told him not to, were discussing the war in Iraq. Both are Iraq war veterans. Hackett thinks it’s a bad idea. Taylor is all for it. Never mind that when the host of Hardball, Chris Matthews, pressed Taylor on issues about the Iraq War that Taylor had no real answers. Never mind that Taylor spewed the same talking points we’ve been hearing for years in regards to Iraq. Never mind that nothing ever gets said that really has any importance on these shows so I don’t know why I bother.

Tonight it was reported that eleven of the suspected terrorists in Britain were indicted today. Two of them have been released and the rest are in jail. Never mind that the British media, the Internet and some American media outlets have been skeptical about how advanced and dangerous this alleged terror cell was. Never mind that the demonstrations of the liquid bombs they were going to use were slightly impressive than the Diet Coke and Mentos concoctions that people use to make a big mess in their driveways. Never mind that the United States wanted them arrested not the British who actually were conducting this investigation. Never mind that these terror plots always seem to get reveled when it is politically convenient.

Jon Benet Ramsey’s alleged killer was extradited today, oh never mind.


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